Interoperability 📟

Sighbrow’s vision is to form interoperable connections between its series as well as other projects and brands.

Sighbrow Fund 🏦

We envision a Sighbrow Fund to support new projects, particularly around supporting children and education, accessibility, charity, inclusion, and other progressive themes. As well as reinvest into the ecosystem to support growth and innovation.


We want to embed DAO-driven incentives into Sighbrow’s structure and future.

IP 📜

Exploring new ways to protect and innovate on ecosystem IP.

Collaboration 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Collaborating with new artists across varying forms.

Series contracts


Verified ✅

Each series is located on its own verified contract. Navigate to each site to learn more. Some series may be listed directly on a marketplace.

Blockchain 🖥

Series will diversify across blockchains according to applicability, accessibility, and future adoptability. For example, the first few series are placed on Polygon for reasons like being positioned to partner with the gaming space (applicability), low cost to purchase (accessibility), and lower environmental impact (adoptability).


All metadata (in ERC721 format) and images are stored on IPFS, in line with industry standard.

Studio contract


Verified ✅

Contract source code verified: 0xeCD12c0c930E2f18c950bf54F62d25De20be71af.

Minted ✍🏻

Minted with Manifold Studio.

Incubating 🧠

Building in new unique incentives to the contract’s purpose.

Mainnet 🌐

Live on Ethereum. ERC721.